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  • Posted to iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, in reply to Rodrigo Muniz , Dec 08, 2015

    My very first thought, lol.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Personal Website, in reply to Simon Caminada , Dec 07, 2015

    My suggestion would be: Create pages. And make sure they're linkable from the homepage.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to improve this site? , Dec 05, 2015

    Hi Jay,

    Just one quick note after looking at the website: Reconsider the homepage. For example the hover effects, and showing text only on hover is perhaps not giving the best overview.

    One idea is to show text upfront. An even better idea would be to immediately tell what Pluswine.com does. What value is it bringing the end-user? Is it solving a problem, a need?

    As of now, without too much in-depth looking, I still haven't a clue what Pluswine.com is or does. Only that it's something with wine :)

    Good luck with the site Jay!


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  • Posted to My first design portfolio just went live -- hit me with those comments and critiques!, in reply to Karen Li , Dec 04, 2015

    Hi Karen,

    Definitely better. It reads more naturally. One point of attention you could further work on: Try to focus attention on the viewer/potential client in your intro. So less 'Me' 'I' and more 'You' 'Your'.

    For example, instead of: I use human centered design principles to craft delightful experiences and innovative products.

    You could do: Getting your business (or product/service) the most delightful experiences and innovative products, using human centered design principles, is what drives me.

    Better: Formulate what 'value' you bring your client. Is 'delightful experiences' and 'innovative products' the value you're bringing?

    Again, good luck!

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  • Posted to My first design portfolio just went live -- hit me with those comments and critiques!, Dec 03, 2015

    It's clean, and perhaps a site you'd expect to see from a physical product designer.

    Try to be bold with your intro text. Make the text bigger. Split it between 2 columns. Right now it feels like reading a very long horizontal sentence.

    Also, who is your audience? We the designers probably aren't your audience. Think about what your value proposition is. What value you intend to bring your target group (potential clients)? Tailor that message to support the proposition value.

    Good luck!

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  • Posted to Sign Design: Engadget, Dec 02, 2015

    The top section, with the image standing out, is interesting. Makes it a bit more playful.

    I do miss that fresh look they had, with the white/green colour scheme. Right now it all feels more toned down. Not sure if that fits their audience well. But I might be wrong.

    Also is it just me or there's so much stuff going on the website? Like so many choices? I always get nervous when there's so many choices.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is my new portfolio website any good?, Dec 02, 2015

    Hi Tudor,

    It looks like we both launched our portfolio site today :)

    I think the website overall looks fresh. Perhaps you could write a few lines, from your 'About' on the homepage, just as an introduction.

    The only thing I find odd when I see portfolio sites, is when they write in 3rd person. "He is a designer...". It's your website, so make it personal. As if your engaging directly with the end-user / potential client.

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  • Posted to Show DN: UX/UI Designer New Website, in reply to Ix Techau , Dec 02, 2015

    Well at least I didn't jack his beard...:D

    Appreciate you looking into it though Ix!

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  • Posted to Show DN: UX/UI Designer New Website, in reply to Andy Chipperfield , Dec 02, 2015

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for replying :)

    I think you make a valid point on the type. There are so much nice fonts out there. E.g. Gotham among many others. I chose the 'best fitted' I could choose from Google Fonts. So this was more a lazy choice of mine. But definitely I agree with you: Typography breaths personality. Will take this into account for V2 ;)

    On the link: My thought was: Old = good. Like old wine, old rum, hehe.

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  • Posted to Show DN: UX/UI Designer New Website, Dec 02, 2015

    By the way, for anyone interested: This is a static generated website built with Hugo (https://gohugo.io/) and hosting it on Netlify.

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