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  • Posted to In love with Webflow - Shipped my first product in 2 hours, Jul 11, 2019

    Awesome! I keep hearing about how great WebFlow is I'm going to have start working with in it!

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  • Posted to Experience working for a corporation as a designer (internal or external), Jun 19, 2019

    I've worked in corporate for 8 years got fed up then jumped into a startup was there for only 2 years and now back into another corporation.

    I liked the corporate setup at the beginning, I liked the structure of it. I was privy to meetings where I saw and heard executives cutting departments for the shareholders it pissed me off and saddened me. How could corporations be so cold and have no humanity whatsoever.

    So I left and went to a startup. It seemed exciting and fun free food, beer and games. Then once again privy to CEO's meetings and all they cared about was money - shut down products departments just to make the company look more profitable.

    You then realize all these companies are exactly the same! They might preach were a family/team (they are not), you might think they need you and can't function without you ( they do not). They will fire you for whatever reason or whenever they need to be seen as profitable, (most companies in most states do not need a reason to fire people).

    There is no greener grass on that other side of the hill. It might seem to be greener at the beginning but eventually you'll see that they sprayed it green and it was really dead or dying.

    So you have to do whatever is good for yourself.

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  • Posted to Please critique my landing (it's a design tool to give feedback to developers), in reply to Ahmed Sulaiman , Jan 19, 2019

    no problem happy to help.

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  • Posted to Please critique my landing (it's a design tool to give feedback to developers), Jan 18, 2019

    I agree with Jan - you need a contrast color for your buttons. I would suggest blue (#3d7dd0) similar button color you use on the site.

    The Request Early Access section (yellow section) try using the dark grey color (#272b2d) for the text. The copy text under the headline is getting lost within all that yellow. Darker text with the blue button will make that stand out.

    I would also use that same blue for the dark buttons behind the social icons, right now they blend in with the background.

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