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  • Posted to Designed censorship in Facebook's fake news flag, Dec 30, 2016

    Delete your facebook and get others too as well.

    It's not worth it and they are literally trying to control peoples minds by feeding them the news that they deem as truthful.

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  • Posted to Recording videos of prototypes?, Aug 15, 2016

    Adobe XD has recording built right into it. Super easy to use.

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  • Posted to David Prati's Portfolio, Apr 07, 2016

    He missed the CTA!

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  • Posted to Checkboxes Are Never Round, Sep 04, 2015

    You politically correct freaks on here are on a whole nother level.

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  • Posted to overrides user's 'Do Not Track' preference to "Personalize [their] experience"., Jun 16, 2014

    I know were not as awesomely designed (yet) as medium, and I am not a celebrity like Ev, but we would NEVER pull something like this at Seshn.

    I'm completely tired of our privacies being taken away in the name of some algorithm thinking it can serve better content.

    -Brand @ Seshn

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  • Posted to Seshn Beta - A Social Web Zine, in reply to Connor Tomas O'Brien , Feb 15, 2013

    Connor your thoughts are completely on point and I can totally relate to you when you say you're feeling fatigued by social networking. I think we all are. There's something to be said about the passions that people are born with and discover throughout their lives. To me, they're rooted in an individuals soul and that runs deep. If all goes as planned, Seshn well extract the perceived need of the"networking" one must do when participating in a social network. Creating content about what you're into should feel natural. Seshn will be a very purposed-based social network and publishing platform and should not give people headaches.

    As for the follower count, yes it is a combined number. I am not completely sure if follower counts are the end goal yet but the data is there and people are used to it. To combine followers from your existing networks seems like it could work, if our users do indeed feel that Seshn can become their true identity on the web and house all their content and social links. These users are all real, and yes Scoble did sign up awhile back.

    I appreciate your feedback. Like all other beta sites, we're far from perfect and have a long climb ahead, but we've listened to the people and they're telling us they want something new. Seshn definitely has a shot at solving those needs. Thanks again!

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  • Posted to Seshn Beta - A Social Web Zine, Feb 15, 2013


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