XD-Awesome: XD plugins from the community!

almost 3 years ago from , Design Product Marketing @ Adobe

Note: For those of you adding questions or comments after 2pm PST, we will respond during the following workday (most of our team is based in San Francisco). Thanks and have a good day or night!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! This is Mike again from the Adobe XD team. I’m excited to join you with my colleagues from the CC Developer Experience team. Kerri, Ash, Drew, Erin, and Steve to chat about XD plugins and integrations. We had a nice chat a few months ago about XD plugins so we thought we would kick-off the new year with another AMA to answer any questions you may have about XD plugins and integrations.

Last week, the CC Developer Experience team announced XD-Awesome, a place to find community-created content that can help you build your own XD plugin. XD-Awesome is a one-stop shop for cool open source plugins, helper libraries, utilities, tutorials, and more.

Our team is here from now to 2pm PST to chat and answer questions.


Mike, Kerri, Ash, Drew, Erin, and Steve