I challenged myself to design everyday for 365 days and I did it!

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Hey guys, this could be a long one. So get your popcorn ready :D

So flashback to November 2017, I was working as a designer at a local startup and they, unfortunately, had to shut down due to several reasons.

I was not prepared for this and all of a sudden, I had no option but to find a new job. And since I was the only bread-earner in my family, I had to switch quickly. I was not fully prepared to go full-time into freelancing as well.

I started applying for all the product based companies that were in my city (Chennai, India). There were only about 5-10 companies that stood out. Never got a response, whether I was rejected or put on hold or anything. Then I tried applying to all sorts of agencies, product companies throughout the country.

Believe me, I must have tried applying at least 100 different companies and only a handful had the courtesy to send a response. I got selected for the interview process at probably 4-5 spots and only got through maybe 2 or 3. Rest were inconclusive.

After 2 months of rigorous searching, I was still not able to get through a single opportunity.

This got me into a slight depression, wondering what could be wrong with my profile. I then started to look at my profile as a recruiter. Had to retrospect and identify my weaknesses.

That's when I came to my realization that my portfolio was not showcasing what I was capable of. I was pitching myself as a Product designer, but my portfolio did not back my claims.

My portfolio was lacking in every sense. I did not have proper case studies nor items to showcase what I was capable of.

That is when I decided. I had to do something about it.

I wanted to something that improves myself as a designer. I knew my weakness and wanted to capitalize on changing it.

Project365 was born. I had discussions with my colleagues about the challenge and everyone were pretty supportive of it. But they did say it was too ambitious and it would be very difficult to complete such a monumental challenge.

I was confident that I could do it and immediately registered a domain - project365.design. That was the start of everything and here I am, in January 2019.

I've successfully completed my project365. A challenge where I had to design an user interface a day, throughout the year 2018. I did it without missing a single day.

Anyway, now that it is finally done. I would love to hear your thoughts about my challenge. What would you have done differently? What do you think about my work?

I just wanted to share this to get thoughts and questions from the design community and start a blog series soon.

Have a look and let me know your thoughts, folks!



Project365 Blog:


I Will be publishing articles on how I prepared for the challenge; what sacrifices I had to go through; What was the thought process for every day and how I did bring out new ideas for 365 days straight.

P.S: I did get a job after I started the challenge, I joined a product based company in Jan 2018 and that's where I am working right now. Without this job and the flexible work hours, the challenge wouldn't have been possible. Huge thanks to my friends, family and colleagues who stood by me, throughout this challenge!


  • Alex MarinAlex Marin, 2 years ago

    I had a quick look through your shots and what I like is that most of them seem well thought and detailed and not just simple UIs of clocks, weather apps, etc..

    365 days seems a like a lot. As a UI/UX designer I completed a 26 days one where I had to design a logo using 2 randomly generated words starting with each letter of the alphabet (e.g. ask age) just so I can learn new tricks and more about logo design, and it takes a lot of focus to make sure you don't miss a day. Did you design one a day or went on a roll and designs several then posted them?

    And finally, guessing this is one year later but did it help getting your current job?

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    • Kishore SKishore S, 2 years ago

      Thanks bud. Yes, I made it a point not to design, just to design an app/interface. I had a daily theme set, which made my job easier.

      My goal was not to get more likes by posting colorful, swanky GIFs like you see on the popular section of Dribbble. My goal was to learn and evolve.

      And I did spend 3-4 hours every day and uploaded the shots. Only twice did I schedule a few days of shots, as I wanted to go on vacations.

      Apart from that, I did post them every day.

      Coming to your last question; it did not help me get the current job. As I got placed in the early stages of the project. They did find some potential in me and hired me well in advance :)

      Cheers mate.

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