• Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, almost 5 years ago

    I dunno. I gave Notion a couple of tries, always tried to like it just because the product itself looks very useful and I should be the target customer. Even the pricing is fair. But something has never clicked.

    What I've noticed in my workflows and what I usually end up using are tools, which take as little time as possible to solve my problem. In this case, writing stuff down. And for me, hitting Dropbox Paper and the Create a new doc button is much faster and smoother.

    Don't get me wrong Notion is a very well made product, but it might be too powerful for my taste. It made me feel like writing down even the simple stuff was more complicated than it should be. And even though I had it installed and in my dock for a long time, I've always ended up using something else.

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    • Marie PoulinMarie Poulin, almost 5 years ago

      I felt the same way initially... but it behaves a lot like Dropbox paper. I literally wrote that article in Notion, with pasted images and videos, and then just exported as markdown to publish. It's insanely easy for basic writing stuff, but can also do ridiculous heavy lifting too.

      I tried it about a year ago and never stuck with it; I think that's probably their biggest barrier - the time to learn how to make it easy to use, because it does require some learning in terms of what's possible.

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      • Gaurabh MathureGaurabh Mathure, over 4 years ago

        I have EXACTLY the same issues you've had with productivity apps. So many out there and the hardest thing is to figure out your own framework around it, to make it work for you.

        Have you tried AirTable / Monday or any other new tools?

        Also, what made you 'revisit' Notion after a year?

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        • Marie PoulinMarie Poulin, over 4 years ago

          I started working on my diploma and needed a way to document and store ideas... and I remembered Notion felt like a good place for that (vs a "to do list". Evernote is ok, but it didn't have the same kind of flexibility I wanted). The more I used it the more I was feeling like I wanted to move all my work tasks over there, and didn't want to use Asana anymore.

          I think Notion has a somewhat extended "time to value" – the time it takes to realize how valuable the the app is or can be. Until you hit that moment, it can be a bit "yeaaah, this is ok, but what's the big deal?"

          Once I made the commitment and started moving all projects over to it, I fell in love.

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    • Noah SNoah S, almost 5 years ago

      Yep similar story. I gave it a go when it first launched (I think I would've discovered it on DN) and was very excited. At the time I was invested in Evernote and G-suite but wanted something more visual to pair my notes with multimedia in a canvas format. Started with Notion, got familiar, sent some feedback and suggestions but it just didn't provide enough for me to switch entirely. In fairness this was probably 2-3 years ago and of course Notion would be many iterations improved.

      However one thing I did find, and which I have been using for about 2 years non-stop is Milanote. It fulfills all the promises of what I wanted in a visual note-taking tool. Check them out if you have time!

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  • Velta D., over 4 years ago

    Our team has been using Notion and it has run smoothly. The only downside is that it doesn't come with a lot of integrations (so far) that we could use for developer handover.

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  • Vince P.Vince P., almost 5 years ago

    We also use it in our small (7 ppl) agency. I simply love it. We were using basecamp before, but notion is much more flexible & powerful.Mainly its used as a task and project manager tool, but it also works for post planning for social media, briefs, etc.

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