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We had a slow week here at xmog.com, and decided to try our hand at building a tool for design/development shops like us to share UI assets. Based loosely on the the GE story in Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf, Styleboard helps teams work from the same set of UI elements, which not only leads to a better looking product, but helps developers bootstrap and test ideas without needing the involvement of designers.

If you guys are interested in checking it out, just fill out the Mailchimp form and I'll send out an invite code as soon as possible. We'd love to get any feedback from designers or developers that might use a service like this (alone or in teams).

Fair warning: Currently Styleboard is in a closed beta, which limits the use to a single person/project. We're working on building out the "team" features of the application to make it much more useful in a company setting... that being said I expect a lot of "why is this any different than codepen.io," etc. We're working on it...

Thanks in advance for anyone that signs up and provides feedback!


  • Emily Campbell, over 8 years ago

    This is fantastic! I am in the middle of building a working styleguide for our team - I wish I had this product a week ago when I was getting started! The ability to modify the live code is a great feature. I can't wait to see what you do with the product.

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  • Joe Fritz, over 8 years ago

    For anyone interested, here's the sample Styleboard that we use for demos: http://tinyurl.com/styleboard

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  • Tyson SoelbergTyson Soelberg, over 8 years ago

    This has long been a pain point for me—especially when building a new team. Looking forward to putting this through its paces.

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    • Joe Fritz, over 8 years ago

      Awesome to hear. Please keep in mind it's a work in progress when checking it out (still has some to-do features), but I'm all ears for any feedback you may have.

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