• Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, over 3 years ago


    Override Management : You can now manage which overridable properties appear directly in the Symbol’s master.

    Overrides : Overrides in Symbols can now be selected via the Layer List, and in the Canvas when the Symbol instance is selected.

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  • Dustin Dahlberg, over 3 years ago

    Was really hoping for more love with prototyping. I wanna drop Invision and do everything in Sketch.

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  • Julian Baker, over 3 years ago

    Performance : Major performance improvements when working with complex documents containing many prototyping flows.

    Thank god. I am so excited to see a little less of the spinning beachball. My only wish is that this update had padding features included. I rely on Anima right now and it has some compatibility issues with InVision.

    Eagerly awaiting the public release!

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 3 years ago

      I too am hoping and optimistically expecting the padding feature soon. I found Anima way too buggy to use with Invision. My hacky solution right now is to keep a consistent fixed margin around the text and manually resize the button to just before the label begins to wrap to a second line.

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    • Account deleted over 3 years ago

      Don't get too excited. they just copy paste 'performance improvement' text to in every single update log to make the list look longer.

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  • thosch rettechs, over 3 years ago

    what i desperately need is a better "oragnize styles" Panel. Its just so damn messy righ tnow.

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    • Freckley FrecklesonFreckley Freckleson, over 3 years ago

      There's a few cheap plugins called Text Style Manager, Layer Styles Manger and Symbols manager all created by the same guy. I would be surprised if Sketch includes this feature soon however.

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  • Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, over 3 years ago

    Was really hoping for stacks & padding.. hopefully that's in the next update. Would seriously be a game changer. Performance updates are always great to see, though!

    I can especially appreciate the Override Management feature. I have thought about how this could be implemented so many times and I'm super excited to test it out!

    Not sure I really see the benefit of having Overrides being selectable in the Layer List... Anyone else excited about this for any particular reason?

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