Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 - Release 2 is Live!

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Hi Everyone,

We've just released a second release of our latest full time template project - Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 - Release 2.1! We're now counting 60 screens since added 20 New Screens and fully coded App called Buildings in React and Homefeed and Calendar from Socialio. Which means we have now 15 screens fully build in React and HTML&CSS. We've also added Styleguide for Photoshop and XD and many Sketch file tweaks to make it easier to work with the file. We've also listened to many requests and all the currently coded screens are now nicely Responsive! And lastly there is a whole new walkthrough guide on how to integrate within minutes Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 into your React apps.

Landing Page:https://janlosert.com/dashboard

Release 2 Video Overview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z7FrP0oxM8

Gumroad Detail:https://gum.co/dashboard


  • Aaron SAaron S, almost 5 years ago

    Jan superb work as usual! There’s a ton of value in this. Will definitely be puchasing this at some point! Did you code these yourself, with React?

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    • , almost 5 years ago

      Nono :) As stated on the page it's now two of us - Me doing all the designs and my good friend and ex colleague Roman Nguyen who is in charge of the Code Package - React, HTML & CSS. Feel free to ping me email at any point if you have any questions we are happy to help.

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  • Joe BlackJoe Black, almost 5 years ago

    I expected figma files as promised... but why XD?

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    • , almost 5 years ago

      Hi Joe, XD seems to be quite used by our audience. Sorry to hear that about Figma. We're trying our best. It took me roughly 3 weeks of work to recreate stuff for PS and XD. I'll keep you posted about Figma.

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