How do you manage design tasks on design system components?

over 3 years ago from , Product Design Consultant

I'm doing some research to understand how different teams handle this, and it seems like no task management systems have considered a design system's architecture and the needs of managing a series of tasks as teams iterate from version to version.

Certainly, there is a paradigm for this if we think about components from a development perspective in Jira or Asana. Is there anything unique about design systems that isn't being captured with a similar process in a similar tool?

Example: If someone on my team updates the design of the Button component, there are a number of steps they should follow to see this all the way through:

  1. Create a branch in the Linked Library (via Abstract)
  2. Execute the change in the Library
  3. Double-check inheritance across Project files for no bugs
  4. Merge branch with a commit comment
  5. Update design system documentation accordingly
  6. Add change to release notes for pending release

How do your teams track those tasks efficiently?

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 3 years ago

    An aspect of it is to consider that we as designer will write down the truth which is gathered by different channels (marketing, dev, technology, strategy,etc) and that has to be pushed to the dev stage on a certain date.

    We are in times the people who walk around and talk to everybody to create the best solution which is time consuming because they have also to double check. A lot of could be done in PM teams. The brief and the technology reconsiderations are crucial. Besides that, the fact that we heve to check wih these channels the task or the objective is sometimes completly different. In most times the technological foundation and architecture of the application is the sorce of problems. In terms of don‘t touch that because everything will blow up (Upload Component for Images, true story)

    Sometimes designers have to workout of the box, because technolgy or perspectives change.

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