Version control - what works?

over 4 years ago from , Senior Digital Product Designer


We've tried Plant and Versions, but the experience with both was just awful, to say at least. Plant worked, and the ui is perfect, but after some time we started getting server errors and customer feedback didn't provide any valid feedback to solve the issues. It didn't matter on what network, what computer or what file we were working on.

Versions - ah, this is just painfully slow and the experience is bad. It could be used to push the files at the end of the day, but not multiple times per day, as we need the tools to be used.

What do you guys suggest using? Abstract is pretty expensive, but this it work?

All the best, Mike

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  • Koos Looijesteijn, over 4 years ago

    Abstract is amazing. It can take a bit of getting used to if the team is not familiar with things like branches and merging. But you can use it for many steps in the design process, like approval, QA and separating current and future implementations.

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