Daft Punk’ing Phase Beta v2

almost 5 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Daft Punk’ing Phase Beta v2

Hello from Phase team! — watch the video message :)

It’s (finally) time for Phase Beta v2. It's all about rapid and visual prototyping with conditional logic, events and dynamic selectors.

Want to try it out? We'd love to meet you (in person or on Skype) for a hands-on onboarding session. Just shoot us a message in Phase Community.

You would ask "wait, where's beta v1"?

It was tossed out, but for a good reason. We had to take a step back, to ship later (apologies about that!) on a better foundation able to deliver long-term. We hope you'd agree the trade-off was worth it.

We lay out in the Medium story above a detailed report of what's happened since summer.

Being 100% transparent with you guys is our top priority. Happy to chat and answer any questions!

Vlad, Phase Team