• Ken Em, almost 3 years ago

    Very simple and clean, I like that.

    The initial page load took a long time due a slow server connection. I don't think that's your design though, it's wherever you are hosting it.

    I would prefer to see the about section flipped so that the copy is on the left, to be consistent with the project examples. But that's just personal preference.

    I don't think you need a hamburger menu for the limited amount of info you have here.

    The intro may also not be necessary. It's almost like there's a welcome section and then a second welcome section. You could combine all that info into the latter to keep things simpler.

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    • , almost 3 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback! :)

      The server may be a bit slow to start but I might be able to compress things up to improve the loading time.

      Also, I agree with the rest of your feedback. I will change it as soon as I can!

      Have a great day! :)

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  • Account deleted almost 3 years ago
    • Don't use montserrat. It's overused and to me looks like a beginning designers font. There are so many nice fonts out there. Spend 30 bucks on a nice san serif font and you'll immediately distinguish yourself from the thousands of people using free google fonts

    • In the concept cards, the non-heading type doesn't pair well with the heading you've used. Any easy way to pair type is to look at shapes like circles, in the OPB's etc. In montserrat, they're quite circular, almost geometric, in rubic, they're squared off ovals, so the two typefaces look at odds with each other.

    • The contact me button needs a bit more padding to compensate for the heavy weight of the text in it. Put it up to about 12px 24px and it'll breath a bit better, otherwise change the weight of the text in the button.

    • Dont use straight black on white. It makes black appear much heavier than it is, and you're already using a really heavy weight so it makes your headings look super heavy. Put a tiny bit of blue in your blacks and this effect will decrease, try #222528 or similar

    • Your line heights are too small. For good line heights, multiply your text size by the golden ratio (18*1.6 = 29ish) - This rule works 99% of the time to make your paragraph text much better.

    • When you click on a concept project, the page fade isn't excuted well. Spend a bit more of time with the animation to make it feel more natural. Get rid of the drop shadow, or much it much more subtle.

    • Showing the projects in that 'window' is a bit jarring. It surprised the user because they've been given no indication that there is anything floating up there, so it's a surprise when this huge section comes down from there.

    • It's quite odd to introduce a second navigation structure on an inner page of a website, like in your concept section.

    • The 'About me' section feels unfinished and the photo looks like an afterthought. Spend a bit more time on that section.

    • Put a footer or something in at the bottom of that section. On every page, you should be directing the user to do something that you want them to do. Once someone has reached the end of your portfolio, where do they go? Give them something to do.

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    • , over 2 years ago

      Hi again Todd! Thank you very much for your very detailed feedback, it will definitely be useful. To tell the truth I really struggled with the font and I’m not completely happy with the ones I went with (Montserrat and Rubik). Do you have a pair of good fonts to advise me? Thank you so much for the tips also, I have kept them in a note so I can use them later.

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      • Account deleted over 2 years ago

        No worries man. Just go onto myfonts.com and look up san-serif fonts or geometric san-serif fonts . There are ones there with similar personalities to montserrat, like FF Mark, TT norms etc. Just go look around some type founderies. You can usually buy one weight of font for around 30 dollars btw, you don't have to buy the whole family.

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        • Kevin Eugene, over 2 years ago

          OK, thank you for your help and for the feedback! ;) I’ll have a look there then. Take care, and I hope I can have your feedback again in the future!

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  • Aloke Pillai, over 2 years ago

    Hi Kevin! Really like the case study view with the links on the top. Shared some comments. Have a look: http://usepastel.com/link/7mp7/

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