• Artem Artemov, almost 5 years ago

    this is a lovely and clean site. the only thing I wish was that when I was viewing a case study I could easily navigate to other studies as well. since it is so simple/minimal I feel you can get away with a bit less clicking around.

    I also do like the page transitions but feels just a tad too slow for me personally.

    Great job!

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  • Paul @StammyPaul @Stammy, almost 5 years ago

    Feel like the page transitions are unexpected compared to the rest of the site and a bit jarring. Would prefer them removed.

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  • Miklos Philips, almost 5 years ago

    First of all, good for you asking for a community review/feedback. Second, I agree with some of the comments here about the transitions, a little self-gratifying, fancy for no reason, doesn't do much for the 'user', i.e. a visitor to your site. Third, I would prefer to see an image thumbnail on your portfolio cards on the homepage to give a visual hint a to what the project looks like.

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  • Thomas WilhelmThomas Wilhelm, almost 5 years ago

    I like it! Clean and modern. Just one thing: you should add a valid ssl certificate and redirect every site to https.

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 5 years ago

    What i am missing is a smiling person a picture of you.

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  • Oktay Çolakoğlu, almost 5 years ago

    I loved it but there is a bug I found.

    If I double click to the link this happening

    Image title

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  • Account deleted almost 5 years ago

    Pretty nice overall. A few points:

    I'm really not a fan of having an emoji in the heading area. The rest of your site has a nice colour scheme and its ruined a little bit by an ugly yellow hand, which is just repeating the information next to it (Waving hand means hello, then you say 'Hi')

    The homepage is a bit lacking visually. I associate product design with visual design and there is no images, except an emoji. It's not a huge issue because the site is super clean and nice, but an image would make it a bit more visually exciting

    In the case study section, to the right of the colour section at the top, there looks to be 1px white line: https://imgur.com/a/OphZW85

    The hover interaction on the explore button seems a bit weird. I'd reverse it, so its normally a full button, and on hover it breaks apart to the current resting state.

    On the case study card, you've repeated the word case study 3 times, and you've also got a heading that says case study - it seems redundant to repeat that information

    I dont really dig the page transitions, They seem very flamboyant in comparison with the clean aesthetic of your website and the contrast makes the transition seem jarring

    Your case studies kind of abruptly end. It'd be good to see some results or metrics from your work.

    But yeah this is all super minor stuff, the website as a whole is really nice and shows your work off well.

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  • Peter HaPeter Ha, almost 5 years ago

    Hi Paul, pretty awesome that you've got to work on some cool products.

    My general feedback for your portfolio is that you have images that don't really communicate that much information since it's hard to read the text in the images. For example, the post-it note photos don't really say that much other than you use post-it notes to facilitate your workshops. It would be more important to me to see the information clearly which could be done through a graphic that looks like a post-it structure or to create an easy-to-digest graphic with the findings from the workshop.

    For Babble, great job with implementing motion into the app and designing the process for handing off the designs to the engineers. But I think the case study would be stronger if you had examples of the motion elements from the app and you could also tie it into the motion graphs since some people might not understand what a motion graph is.

    In regards to the experience of the site, not sure if you need to hide the nav in a menu for desktop considering the site is so minimal already. If you wanted to continue that simple and minimal approach, then I would consider making the nav and the site more straightforward. The nav could entail About, Case Studies, and Articles where each link goes to a section on the homepage. The extra two pieces of info about you (location and email) can be placed in the about section.

    Great job and thanks for sharing your portfolio!

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  • Daniel MarquesDaniel Marques, almost 5 years ago

    Quick thing: Explore to see if you are able to make the "Case Study" card clickable instead of just the button.

    Since you don't have any other conflicting interactions happening on the card, you can make it clickable as a whole.

    Also, I would prefer the text on the articles with a bit more contrast.

    Nice work nevertheless!

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  • M WM W, almost 5 years ago

    Nice and clean, just some details I reacted to: When hovering the menu icon I think the color-transition is too subtle. +1 on the transitions being super slick, but a bit to long for my taste. The shadows when hovering over the articles are a bit to aggressive, but again — that's just personal taste.

    Good job :)

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