Framer X is Awesome, but it's not ready

5 years ago from , UI/UX Designer

Hello DN Community,

I've been using Framer X for the last week and the Beta the weeks prior. It's a great product with great potential but I think it needs some more work to compete with the rest of the other tools out there. I've written an article putting down my thoughts about it, you can find it here: https://medium.com/@modou/framer-x-is-awesome-but-its-not-ready-71362ede1b3e

Have you had a similar experience or are you enjoying Framer X?

Thanks in advance for reading.


  • Jennifer Nguyen, 5 years ago

    I agree that it has a lot of potential but where it stands right now, I don't see my team and I switching to Framer X. I didn't play around with the Beta but my colleagues did. We also had a demo from a rep at Framer X and asked a lot of questions. Long story short, we just felt that it didn't make sense to pay for Framer X when Figma offers much more for free. Framer X still doesn't have real time collaboration and browser based functionalities whereas Figma does. The main reason we were so excited for Framer X was it's integration to React code but from what we learned, it's not a seamless integration with production ready code. It still has to live in its own platform and then get ported over. We don't want to add yet another app for developers to download, we just want one app to rule them all for designers and developers.

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  • Johan Ronsse, 5 years ago

    I was super surprised when it was released. I had been testing it in beta and it was definitely not ready. I won't be using it in my design team anytime soon. I love the ideas behind Framer X and I am very enthusiastic about it but indeed, what is up with this timing?

    I think it was rushed out of the door because of Loupe (their conference) and investor expectations (Framer got a +-$7M investment 1 years ago I believe)

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  • Casper Bonner, almost 5 years ago

    As you keep working with Framer X, you're offered another "Component" resource alternative on the left-side menu, which visually generates component style groupings of content and shape components.


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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 5 years ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: a tool has to be around for at least five years before I'm going to invest any time into it. I've been burned by acquisitions and lost effort so many times before. It's great to have a lot of competition right now, but the dust really needs to settle.

    EDIT: a little proof that these up and down votes are purely based on having an incorrect opinion.

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    • Johan Ronsse, 5 years ago

      Don't agree, I have had so much value from Figma and it's not 5 years old. We adopted Sketch when it was 2 years old.

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  • James LaneJames Lane, 5 years ago

    Here's one... If you add two instances of a frame and assign them the same animation from the examples in the 'code' list; do they both animate when you click one of them in the preview?

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