• Pascal Briod, almost 4 years ago

    Hi there,

    I'm Pascal, author of this UX benchmark study.

    UX designers rarely have the occasion to do benchmark studies of an industry, and when they do, it's usually to compare themselves to their competitors, which means the results of those studies are rarely published.

    At Monito, our job is to compare and review money transfer providers to help our users find which one is the best for their transfers, which is why it made sense for us to make an in-depth assessment of the user experience offered by ten leading money transfer providers in our industry.

    The results of our study are both relevant for our users who send money abroad, for money transfer providers and the industry in general, and I think it can be interesting for any designer, as an example of a UX benchmark study.

    We based our research on 50 user-tests carried out in collaboration with the remote-user testing UserBrain (http://userbrain.net).

    If you have any question on our methodology or the results, I'm happy to answer your comments.

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  • Myrtle TranMyrtle Tran, almost 4 years ago

    nice one

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