World's Greatest Internship. 2 interns. 6 months. 6 cities. 6 agencies.

almost 5 years ago from , Co-founder

Here’s the deal. We select 2 interns to go on a journey to experience the full gamut of creative services for 6 months, at 6 different agencies, in 6 cities across the world. Think multidisciplinary, think multicultural. This internship will be hands on — from the napkin sketch to the final pixel. A few more stamps in the passport. Something to write home about — and they will. WGI* is an experiment. A new model for a changed industry. 3 months of doing the same 3 menial tasks won’t cut it. But this might.

WGI was conceived as a unique internship for the new, emerging creative — a Frankenstein of designer, entrepreneur, strategist, inventor, artist, and economist — as a response to the changing creative industry model. If the old model is dying, then the old internship should die with it. We asked our friends around the globe if they wanted to partner with us to create this new internship. They said yes and the dream team was assembled:

  • Butchershop – San Francisco, USA- Collins – New York City, USA
  • Made Thought – London, UK
  • Parkside – Graz, Austria
  • Base – Brussels, Belgium
  • Re – Sydney, Australia

• Submissions close Sunday 11:59pm August 27, 2018 • Internship begins in San Francisco, October 01, 2018 • Internship ends in Sydney, March 31, 2019