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  • Amanda Tuft, 3 years ago

    We’re back and focusing on UX / UI design in our live stream on Behance this week! 3 fantastic designers are joining to create, share and discuss how they approach designing for a range of challenges, including a mobile email marketing app, a social networking app, and a self-service kiosk for ordering and purchasing ramen. So grab your favorite bowl of noodles, prepare to get inspired, and join the conversation via the chat pod!


    WHEN: All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am PST, to 3:00pm PST. You can see archived shows here: https://www.behance.net/live/replays/creative-fields/132


    Kyle Grady is a Pittsburgh-based product designer known for his human-centric approach to problem solving. Follow along with Kyle this week as he wireframes, designs and prototypes a mobile app experience that connects mentors and mentees with one another. https://dribbble.com/kylepgh

    Lisa Inoue grew up in Kawasaki, Japan, but now calls San Diego home, working in UI/UX for brands such as Campari and Caribou Coffee. Join Lisa as she wireframes, designs and publishes an interactive prototype for ordering and purchasing one of her favorite meals - ramen - via kiosk. http://www.http://lisainoue.com/

    Jermaine Boca is a mobile UI and graphic designer based in Philadelphia. She believes that an iterative, hand-sketched process is one of the most important tools in the UI/UX designer’s toolbox. Over the next 3 days Jermaine will design and prototype a mobile email marketing app that allows users to create engaging email campaigns on-the-go. https://www.behance.net/jermaineboca

    You can view the exact schedule and times at:


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