Ask DN: What are your favorite apps?

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Looking for some inspiration and the latest and greatest in mobile design. What are some of your favorite apps these days? I will list mine knowing they are kind of old hat at this point.

CARROT Weather I love that what started as a snarky take on weather has turned into one of the best apps in the highly contested category.

Lyft app For the longest time I thought the Uber app was more efficient and elegant to accomplish the same task but with their new redesign, Lyft has taken the lead in ease of use and efficiency. That P3 color icon doesn't hurt either (except maybe my eyes late at night)

Workflow Mad props for taking a very complex task (automating just about anything on your phone) and making it intuitive enough for apple to acquire and incorporate it in iOS.

What are your favorite apps?!

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  • Tom DelStrey, 4 months ago

    Mostly use instagram, weather app, todolist and email app. My online banking app too. When I was bored I downloaded a phone tracker on my younger sister's phone.I mean, she figured that out very quickly and i wasted lots of time checking what she is up to))))

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