Too many outdated screen in my Sketch File and Invision Project. How to collaborate with developer and PO to have one final synced file

over 4 years ago from , UX Designer

Hey guys, this is if in case somenone have a good idea on how to do it.

I recently started a new role as UX Designer and got some old files from the last designer. Unfortunately he had his own way to organize and versionate design files. Which is just adding new pages to the sketch file everytime a change was requested.

Which means the Sketch files for different project ended up being very heavy and full of old screens. And screens that have few tweaks but have not been approved.

I suggested the developer lead and the product owner that we review all the screens and just quickly mark in different categories: Save, Not save, Don't know I am planning to put the screen on Invision or maybe even Dropbox public folder and ask them to browse them one-by-one and comment on each with the categories suggested.

This way we can filter better the screens and get a design file closer to the final product.

I am sharing my idea and maybe you guys think in a smarter way of doing this. Thanks :)


  • Artur Eldib, over 4 years ago

    I use Abstract - its complex, doesn't offer asset export, but its the best option for Sketch.

    Just switch to Figma and be happy.

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  • Maikel HaasMaikel Haas, over 4 years ago

    I would suggest using Abstract. Sort of like how Github works. Creating one master file, while the others are archived. Also has documentation and version history for clarity.

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  • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, over 4 years ago

    Create sections in InVision for those categories. You can share an individual section with the PO and Developer, so they won't be distracted by all the other screens.

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  • Razlan HanafiahRazlan Hanafiah, over 4 years ago

    Open the Sketch file with Figma :)

    Seriously, with the version history in Figma you can create snapshots (by renaming certain history items) to "versionate" design files and it won't bloat your file.

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  • Andrew C, over 4 years ago

    Your best bet may be to do a Save as and tag v2, v3, etc. at the end of the filename and prune screens manually. Abstract is terrific but only if the previous designer was organized.

    I have a lot of trouble keeping Invision up to date too. Screens can get unwieldy alongside iterations. Using Craft helps but it doesn’t categorize screens and logs you out or loses the ability to sync prototypes often.

    Ive been trying Sketch’s built in prototyping... it’s great that it’s based on the actual components but it’s still quite limited.

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  • iterati designiterati design, over 4 years ago

    Unify components and flows, not screens

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 4 years ago

    You might consider Zeplin or Invision. I would upload every view/artboard and separate them by pages. You can achieve that by using sections on Zeplin or Invision. Then let the PO and Dev walk through every screen and let them make their remarks with the comment feature. So that you know what to keep and what to delete. If you have your final stage sketch file, consider https://www.goabstract.com so that this won't happen in the future.

    I would suggest Zeplin because there you have also the possibility to add tags which you can filter on. This might help to order them better.

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    • , over 4 years ago

      Great answer Jan. I like the approach of making standard to every file, to upload each screen/view to a differente page on sketch/section on invision.

      Thanks for the input. I am considering Zeplin.

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