From user-centered design to value-centered design

almost 4 years ago from , Senior Designer & Organiser of UX Cocktail hours Rotterdam

A thought-provoking article by Erika Hall (co-founder of Mule Design).

She recognises the struggle between designers who fight for the experience of the end-users and the business-side of things. You can't have one without the other. The way she sees it, it's a value exchange between the two; quantitative value for the company and qualitative value for the end-users. Erika then goes on to create a line-graph — like a customer+business journey — to express this value exchange for both sides over time.

When you solve the user’s problem how does the business benefit? Is this exchange of value sustainable over time? At what point do you sacrifice a little bit here for a better outcome there?

Medium article: Thinking in Triplicate

I've made a quick three-line graph for the project I'm currently working on. Not convinced of the practical application just yet. Erika has planned a second article to go into just that, so I'm looking forward to that.