• Emily Campbell, 4 years ago

    I love the focus of this podcast. It's refreshing to see the lens of 'parents who want it all' focused on men, and the stories and guests are really interesting. I hear from many designers and people in tech who struggle with how to remain (and appear!) productive, save time for their family, and grow their careers. This podcast has so many great insights to learn from. Totally recommend a subscribe!

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    • Kirill Zubovsky, 4 years ago

      Thanks Emily! Yeah, the focus is to share as many stories and lessons from various walks of life as I can find. There are so many amazing parents hiding in plane sight; everyone is unique and everyone has a story that can help a parent out there.

      Holistically speaking, parenting is not easy, or at least it could get as hard as you are willing to make it, and the less resources you have the harder it gets, but plenty of parents out there survive it, and at the end it's totally worth it.

      Hopefully more future parents can learn a thing or two, ease their worries, and figure out a great path for their own life.

      p.s. Have any questions? editor@raddadshow.com - I'd love to connect!

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