Sample of Mobile Apps in landscape mode

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Currently i'm designing a mobile app that use the landscape mode as its default orientation.

I wonder, if any of you guys know any great example of mobile apps that use landscape mode as its main orientation mode.

Looking forward to hear your answers :)


  • Suganth SSuganth S, over 3 years ago

    Unless your app is a game or an entertainment app, I would suggest you have a good value proposition for landscape mode.

    That being said, all the native iOS apps support landscape mode. Safari, Keynote, Facetime, Contacts etc.

    If you can specific about the utility of the app or what kind of task users might be doing, then you can get better inspirations from the community.

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  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, over 3 years ago

    Knowing what the app does might be helpful. Also, shouldn't the default orientation be whatever mode the person is currently using? That's great that you're thinking about different UIs based on orientation but the default should always be what the user prefers and/or is currently in. The Linked Jobs app insists on a portrait only mode, even on the iPad, which I find infuriatng to no end. I use the app sparingly simply because I hate that it doesn't conform to my preferences. Even worse, clicking on an email link opens the Jobs app on the iPad so I can't avoid it sometimes.

    On that note, also make sure you design for the iPad. I can't tell you how annoying it is to find so many so called mobile apps that don't have an iPad UI, or worse, they rely on iOS scaling to make the iPhone UI double in size.

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  • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, over 3 years ago


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  • Alexey LapenkoAlexey Lapenko, over 3 years ago

    Garage Band might be helpful

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