• Todd SielingTodd Sieling, over 4 years ago

    I think it's very tasteful. I did find the text in the timeline very hard to read for both size and contrast, and a couple other areas I struggled a lot with text size (viewing on a larger screen). I do like navigation on the bottom, but it may be overlooked depending on your audience. Otherwise nicely done, congratulations.

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  • , over 4 years ago

    My fiancee is a front-end developer and I'm a designer. Our wedding website has been our little self-inflicted side project that we’ve built from scratch together over the last two months.

    Coupled with our day jobs, wedding planning and further amplified by living a few time zones apart from each other, this wasn’t an easy task. Was it worth it though? Yes, 100%. Projects like this afford us an opportunity to challenge each other intellectually but also help us practice patience and humility.

    The biggest takeaway for us was that we definitely need to overhaul our development process to be a bit more agile. This thing took way longer than we expected but we are happy with how it turned out.

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