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  • Koos Looijesteijn, 3 years ago

    Not bad! This part is weird though:

    —— “About 74% of the time was spent in the top two screenfuls of content (the information above the fold plus the screenful immediately below the fold). The remaining 26% was spent in small increments further down the length of the page.”

    Based on this data, we need to put the highest priority content above the fold.


    I just read the source of the quote and it says 57% of viewing time is spent above the fold. But that number includes search results pages and short pages that may only be one screen height tall.

    Since the position of the fold depends on the users screen, browser and settings, I don’t find it a helpful concept. The study shows something more important (and obvious) though: the higher on the page you put some info, the more likely it will be seen.

    We should be aware of these results being an effect of content designers putting important stuff at the top for years now.

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