Converting .fla files to interactive HTML/something else

5 years ago from , UX/UI Designer

Hi DN,

A client has asked me, as part of a bigger project, if I'm able to use his 150+ .fla files and modernize them. It's a lot of really complicated interactive content that looks just as you expect a flash animation from circa 2005 looks. If I'm doing this I need to update the text/colors/shapes to make it look a bit more like something from 2018. It also needs to be somewhat responsive/scaleable and preferably HTML5/JS. Most importantly the content can't lose it's interactivity since it's a key part of the animations. Users are able to press certain buttons to trigger the next animation.

I've tried Adobe Animate CC which works surprisingly well but it strips the .fla file from all interactivity. I just get a endless very fast loop of my fla file if I convert it to HTML5 and export it.

I'm mainly looking to see if this part of the project is feasible. I'd probably still have to outsource all the work but it's not worth doing it at all if it takes half a day per .fla file.