Libraries — { Everything Is A Component }

3 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Libraries — { Everything Is A Component }

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Hey guys!

With Phase v1 coming soon, our team is looking forward to the new features. Today, let's talk about Component Libraries.

But before we get started... We’ve been getting some healthy skepticism on Phase’s launch date. That's because companies before us had promised certain dates - then kept silence for months.

We just wanted to say that don’t worry, that isn’t us.

In two weeks we’ll put Phase v1 into the hands of a small set of close friends. Once they say it doesn't explode, we'll release it to everyone. No staggered rollout, no months of delay.

We're a small team, and our estimates migth be off by a week or two. But we'll always be open and transparent with you. If you guys are ever curious on status or have questions, just email us or ping us on Phase Community.

Now, on to Libraries!


  • Koos Looijesteijn, 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind learning some new UI patterns if that means I can make better, more advanced designs than the dumbed down screen-based tools let me!

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  • Kip HolcombKip Holcomb, 3 years ago

    The complexity of the UI is something that's probably shocking at first (Subform's grid/stack/flex layout UI was pretty intimidating when I tried it out), but likely once you learn it, the time you'll save because of the features will easily outweigh the learning curve.

    I'm so excited for Phase because they are revisiting the fundamentals, especially with their layout engine in v2. It's how Figma shook things up with real-time, cloud-based design.

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    • , almost 3 years ago

      Thanks, Kip! The responsive layouts UI we'd shared a while ago is actually still heavy WIP. We start off the complicated UI to make sure we don't miss anything --> then simplify it until it's intuitive and simple.

      We're posting latest UI sneak peeks in our Slack community, welcome to contribute to the discussion in there ;)

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 3 years ago

    after Figma I consider default inputs from the Phase screenshot too complicated and heavy... IMHO

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    • , 3 years ago

      Don't worry, we're working hard making Phase UI simple and accessible ;) The screens posted a while ago are still heavy WIP. We're making the UI complex at first to make sure we don't miss on anything --> then trim it down from there.

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  • Josh Sanders, 3 years ago

    YESSSS!!! can NOT wait to check out v1

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