• Kevin LetchfordKevin Letchford, 10 years ago (edited 10 years ago )

    It is very nice, but any site that take control over the scroll wheel removes any actual engagement with the content. I'm scrolling for the next little animation to whoosh by.

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  • Joe VillanuevaJoe Villanueva, 10 years ago

    I think there are some pretty substantial usability issues on the site, but it definitely looks gorgeous.

    The landing page inputs should look more like inputs... For people that scan (or don't read copy at all!) the inputs prompt you to enter in what you need to.

    Using an inertial scrolling mouse (Apple Mouse) I flew by a bunch of the details I know another person like ourselves painstakingly designed. However, using the arrow navigation, the same thing happened.

    Using the arrows to navigate, the story ends rather abruptly as well, without a call to action or where a user should go. They already have the Download Now modal, so I might use that. If its already being used, I don't see it triggering the popup blocker so I don't think its there. I think at minimum it needs some section that says "Join Barclays league yada yada."

    Otherwise, there are some stunning uses of animations there and I like how if you take the time to scroll through slowly you can see some nice details.

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  • Joe CJoe C, 10 years ago

    Wow, they really went for it with this. Agree about the scroll highjacking, it all passed me by really. Think it went on a tad too long, reading fake tweets became tiresome after the first couple.

    I think I would definitely like it more if it wasn't done by Carlsberg, I think they could have given it a bit more room to grow as a separate product, rather than a Carlsberg add-on, by giving it a chance to exist with it's own identity.

    Knowing the kind of tweets that get thrown around during a match, this could also be interesting to find out what kind of filtering they will use.

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