Transitioning a Sketch Library to InVision Design System Manager

over 3 years ago from , Associate UX Director

I've gotten our InVision administrator to get the Design System Manager set up and I'm currently exploring how I can transfer our UI Kit that lives in a Sketch Library to the DSM.

I was meticulous in creating the Sketch Library when it comes to naming things, using a folder structure to keep it organized:

Ex: 1. Components/Buttons/Primary Button 1. Components/Text Field/Text Field - Active 1. Components/Icons/Menu/Menu - Link

When I import these components into the DSM, the naming convention is retained and it's not easy to look at the list and see the name (ex: /Primary Button) because the full name does not display.

So I'm thinking through two options, and I'm curious if anyone has some thoughts on this.

  1. Rename all components after they are imported into the DSM, and remove the folder structure from the name (ex: remove "1. Components/Buttons/"). My concern here is that doing this would break the connection to that symbol in Sketch, since the names would be different.

  2. Rename all components in Sketch, kill the folder structure, and organize everything once it's in the DSM using folders and subfolders.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else encountering similar problems and trying to find the best way to get a DSM up and running?


  • Christopher Alan, over 3 years ago

    I noticed this too and what I have been doing for my icon library so far is leaving the symbols organized like you did with Icons / UI / Save etc. but then adding symbol instances to a regular artboard or page and renaming that without the folder structure and uploading that to DSM instead... kinda of a hack but most of the time i'm gonna create a better more organized page anyway cause the symbols page is a mess.

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 3 years ago

    I'm curious about this process as well but it concerns me that the DSM will be fine tuned to Studio.

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