• Nate vNate v, almost 3 years ago

    GDPR? First I've heard of it...

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  • Maikel HaasMaikel Haas, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah I just pressed 'Newer Posts' 2 times before I noticed the buttons are the other way around. https://imgur.com/Xdbjgex — UX Hall of shame

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  • Andrew Hersh, almost 3 years ago

    The newspapers are doing the right thing. Just deprecate the EU until they stop being so paranoid.

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    • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, over 2 years ago

      Yes, please, punish us with faster websites... beat me to the ground without tracking... and God forbid we have privacy protection rules, make them official and ask the companies to adhere to the law...

      I'm not even sure what's the point of your comment...

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      • Andrew Hersh, over 2 years ago

        You're absolutely right. There's simply no way to make sure your credit card doesn't get stolen outside of draconian measures that almost literally turn the internet upside down.

        Unless what you're talking about is tracking you for advertising or political purposes. In which case, get over yourself. None of these companies see us as anything more than an advertising statistic.

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        • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, over 2 years ago

          Privacy issues aside, it's hard to argue these regulations make the internet worse when tracking-free website load seconds faster and megabytes lighter.

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        • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, over 2 years ago

          Using "get over yourself" when talking about privacy laws is all I need to know. It's a law... don't you guys follow the law over there?

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        • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 2 years ago

          I'm not sure if you've taken the time to actually read what GDPR entails.

          They’re not saying companies should guarantee that breeches don’t happen, they’re saying that if does happen, you should inform users within 72 hrs, is that too much to ask?

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    • Andrew Richardson, almost 3 years ago

      TIL that it's "paranoid" to give consumers protection against companies who are abusing privacy left and right.

      I've my own criticism of GDPR but I think it's absolutely a step in the right direction in force companies to actually consider how they are handling their user's data.

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      • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 3 years ago

        Yep. GDPR is broadly an incredibly good thing.

        For anyone who doesn’t think so, please consider the future ramifications of continued data collection (more sensors, more devices, people being more connected, health data etc). I’d almost say GDPR doesn’t go far enough.

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    • Pol KuijkenPol Kuijken, almost 3 years ago

      I'm sure you clicked the "Yes please keep on sending me spam" button on those hundreds of marketing emails you received because of GDPR, right?

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    • John LeschinskiJohn Leschinski, almost 3 years ago

      More than paranoia, it's digital protectionism.

      “There are no successful tech companies in Europe and they are jealous of the US so they are punishing us,”

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      • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, almost 3 years ago

        Yes, because Europe is in the stone age... there is absolutely not a single succesfull tech company in Europe, you're correct!

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      • Pol KuijkenPol Kuijken, almost 3 years ago

        I fail to see how this is protectionism. It applies to all companies just the same, including European ones. Completely level playing field. This does not even remotely fit the definition of protectionism.

        The most important thing, in my opinion, is that we finally have some legislation in place to make sure that technological progress should not happen at the cost of fundamental human rights, like privacy. It's a shame that the US, who was at the forefront of the digital revolution, was too greedy to have the ethical backbone to do this in the first place.

        If your company fails because you're no longer allowed to send spam or collect and sell data without consent, then honestly your company didn't have any right to exist in the first place.

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