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  • Benoît ChabertBenoît Chabert, over 3 years ago

    Hey Aloke, writing here to give some feedback. After reading your article I got interested in your product. I went to your website and I think I could definitely use something like this as a freelancer. 2 things come up to mind:

    1. As a freelancer, I would like my clients to pay for it and not me (maybe that's possible to some sort of referral?).

    2. I have a problem with the day based free trial. If I need to integrate a new tool in my process, I need to make sure it works well with all the other tools I'm currently using. I'm scared that it's going to fragment the process too much.

    For instance, a lot of the teams I'm working with use Asana or Jira to track tasks. We then use another tool to track new designs (invision, marvel, sketch cloud, dropbox) and we include the links in the task tool (Asana or Jira). Now I could use a separate tool like pastel for audits and include the links as well but this does add one more tool to the process which makes me a bit more anxious.

    To validate that I can use it efficiently, I need to use it from the start of a project to the end of the project. If I can't do that I won't commit to it because it's pretty high risk for me.

    I really like how invision approached that (I've been an invision paying customer for a couple of years now). They let me have at least 1 project for free so I can test it out with any new project, include my client and all that without committing.

    Invision also provides a way to "hand off" the project to the client afterward so it uses their 1 free prototype without taking one of mine. I realize your model is different, the point is mostly about the ability to use it for a project from beginning to end.

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