• Frederick AndersenFrederick Andersen, almost 5 years ago


    It's aesthetically pleasing and contemporary, but hiding quick access to Departments in a hamburger menu and using a slideshow to communicate vital marketing campaigns surely has to take a toll on their conversion rate.

    Extending the header to make room for a handful of the most requested departments and prioritizing the slideshow in a grid layout seems more user-friendly and conversion-oriented.

    I really like their content, though.

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    • Peter Vogt, almost 5 years ago

      I see it in the opposite light. Walmart have discovered through research or are, at minimum, hypothesizing that the majority of their users are search-focused when shopping online. You log on to the site, you type in "TV", and they display a really robust filtering layout of all the TVs they have to offer.

      They are betting on the ability of modern web search tech to accurately parse user input in almost 100% of cases (because it is). You can search the entire internet with one input on Google then filter from there - why not treat Wal-Mart the same way?

      Measuring most requested departments across the boards for all customers of Wal Mart at their scale seems impossible. Let the user tell you what they want, and tailor the experience from there.

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  • David SvezhintsevDavid Svezhintsev, almost 5 years ago

    Holy shit, is that Walmart? No way.

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  • Salar Ali, almost 5 years ago

    Everyone needs to tone down Brandon Grotesque.

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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, almost 5 years ago

    I like this new look for Walmart.

    Is it better? Definitely looks a hell of a lot better. In terms of performance though, tough to say... if they change it drastically in the next 6-8 months then I think you can safely say it did not perform.

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  • Kyle D, almost 5 years ago

    I can't believe they went with a non-responsive hamburger for their top-nav. But I agree that shopping these days is search-first.

    I love the aesthetic and the modern look. It definitely doesn't feel like Walmart to me but maybe it's part of a larger rebrand?

    I'm not digging the circular buttons at the top right with the funky hover animation and tiny text. I understand the mobile/responsive continuity but on a desktop when screen real-estate isn't a problem, it is strange and unintuitive.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 5 years ago

    this feels too high-end for walmart.

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  • denis johndson, over 4 years ago

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  • Peiran TanPeiran Tan, almost 5 years ago

    What kind of focus group led to this

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  • Taras Dashkevych, almost 5 years ago

    Personally, I like it :) It looks clean and modern to me. What's your opinion regarding to their new design?

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    • Dan Mazig, almost 5 years ago

      From a visual perspective, it looks wonderful. Very rich and engaging content.

      The main problem for me is navigation. Trying to simplify such a huge website by hiding discovery features into a hamburger menu (on desktop!) is a big flaw.

      Many users don't have an item in mind when they visit a website like Walmart, therefore the use for Search is specific. Showing categories, departments and discovering trending items and deals, without the need to click, drives users to explore more items.

      Hard to say without Walmart's internal data but I feel like they are missing out on understanding big part of their audience.

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      • Taras Dashkevych, almost 5 years ago

        Hey Dan, Thank you for sharing your point of view!

        Totally agree with you regarding to the navigation. I think they've done too much of simplifications in the primary menu, and some links require additional actions in order to find out their purpose.

        For example, the icons on the right hand side. Personally, I would not say that they are very intuitive.

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  • James LaneJames Lane, almost 5 years ago

    Anyone else seeing a small black outline when focusing on elements? I.e. click the search dropdown. And it moves when you click it.

    Not great on mobile either. Not a fan of the black border round the search area when it's on a blue background (happens if you scroll).

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