Ask DN: Will Figma Ever Become a CMS?

over 3 years ago from , Designer.

I have been thinking a lot about CMSes and my workflow as a web designer. I design and code, and I do it for fun. But I find myself sometimes building Squarespace sites just because I really enjoy their user interface. The place the spend time nowadays is Figma, I just think that right now is the best tool thus far in the game. Recently after the release of their API, I have been noticing a lot of chat among my friends about the possibility of Figma becoming a CMS or connecting to a CMS. The whole web development landscape could change. What do you guys think?


  • Alex Volkow, over 3 years ago

    Figma so far is more of a universal design tool, so moving to CMS would mean that they leave other uses (mobile and graphic design, at least) a bit ouside of scope and that might backfire.

    But there's already an editing tool with CMS integrated — take a look at WebFlow, https://webflow.com/, they started with a cool web design tool and turned it into a growing publishing platform, complete with layout design, content management, hosting and now ecommerce built upon that foundation.

    Since they're focused on the web experience — both mobile and desktop, going the CMS way looks totally reasonable for them and their customers.

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    • Adam P, over 3 years ago

      +1 for Webflow. While I generally prefer coding from scratch, I've used it quite a bit in the past for particular projects, and I've always found it to be a joy as far as working visually with code is concerned

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    • Luis La Torre, over 3 years ago

      I gotta check out webflow. People keep bring it up. I used a long time ago during the beta, so I can't speak on what they are doing now. But yeah it seems cool.

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  • Andrew Richardson, over 3 years ago

    I doubt it but I think it could complement CMS in a certain way. It could be come a "DMS" (Design Management System) where the design is hooked directly into the CMS. Content producers use the CMS and designers use the DMS to fully realize the content.

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    • Luis La Torre, over 3 years ago

      Damn that is an interesting perspective. I was also thinking that wordpress could create a design system, that designer can edit and converts into a theme. This idea is not necessarily isolated to wordpress, but it could work with any CMS.

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  • Evan SchoepkeEvan Schoepke, over 3 years ago

    I honestly think Figma and Webflow should merge that way Figma gets a CMS and Webflow get a focused mobile design tool and design system builder.

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  • Dino ParavandisDino Paravandis, over 3 years ago

    I think it would be far smarter for Figma to basically plug in to multiple CMSes and not make one on their own. Using their API that can lead to that. A good CMS is quite complex and I think its best if they focus on their primary product. Of course I would love something akin to framer so I can build an interactive prototype with complex UIs.

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