Diya, timeline animation in Sketch, launches today with Early Bird offers

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I'm excited to announce that Diya is officially launching today! Diya lets you create animated prototypes on a timeline, directly in Sketch.


Here's what it looks like running in Sketch Diya Timeline

You can create swipe animations, scroll areas and even path and shape animations


And the most popular feature so far has been the ability to animate symbols and reuse them across your prototype.


Sharing your prototype is also very easy - you can export your prototype to HTML, share animation specs with your developers or upload directly to Diya Cloud.

In celebration of the launch, there's an Early Bird offer with 15% - 40% discount across the different plans. The offer is valid for 7 days starting now. Hope you enjoy animating with Diya!


  • David Lau, almost 4 years ago

    This is awesome. I had to import from sketch over to invision studio in-order to implement this level of interaction b4 which was really buggy. Now i can do this in sketch. Do you have an example of HTML Spec view? Can the links be made public?

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    • Suresh Selvaraj, almost 4 years ago

      Here's an example of the specs specs

      And once you upload the prototype to Diya Cloud, you can share it with anyone. Do you mean you also want the specs link to be shareable?

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  • Clarissa H., almost 4 years ago

    Any plans to add Lottie export? Took a brief look, but didn't see anything on your site. This seems promising, but not sure how useful an HTML export would be to my developers

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    • Suresh Selvaraj, almost 4 years ago

      More export formats including GIF and Lottie are on the roadmap. I think your developers will be more interested in the Animation Specs rather than the HTML export Animation Specs

      Along with the HTML export, you'll get a your-filename-specs.html, which includes all your animation parameters, easing, transition details and so on. Your developers can interact with that and get the spec data live on the same screen. I think that will be more useful for them, atm

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