• Matt Ritter, 4 years ago

    Plugin...for what?

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  • Peedu TuiskPeedu Tuisk, 4 years ago

    Brand visual still reminds me of Framer.

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  • Matt KMatt K, 4 years ago

    We had a weird experience with Plant where the whole system stopped working after adding about 30 projects. Plant's tech support said they were working on a fix, but we couldn't wait that long as all our files were inaccessible.

    In the end we had to switch to Abstract to enable the team to get back to work.

    Too late for us, but I wonder if it's been fixed now.

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    • Art SevaniArt Sevani, 4 years ago

      Hi Matt, sorry that we couldn't fix your case faster than you have expected. It is our priority to give our users the best experience and support with Plant, but sometimes cases take longer than expected. We did discuss your case with the team and made some improvements in our process.

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  • Andreas Ubbe Dall, 4 years ago

    How is plant better / different compared to Abstract? Seemed quite similar at first glance to me.

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    • Art SevaniArt Sevani, 4 years ago

      Hi Andreas, there are many advantages of Plant over other similar tools, but here are some of them: 1. Plant seamlessly integrates with Sketch, keeping designers focused on their creative process without distraction. 2. Plant's powerful conflict resolution system let's designers work on same artboards simultaneously without worry. Plant will recognize when changes collide and will prompt users to resolve conflicts before sending a new version. For more advantages of Plant check out this article: https://blog.prototypr.io/8-reasons-why-designers-use-plant-for-version-control-795c72a61c27

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  • Arthur Klepchukov, 4 years ago

    What an ineffective landing page. There is no description of what this does. At all. Or for visitors who have never heard of Plant.

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