PSDfiddle.com : tweak and share graphics in one click! (psdfiddle.com)

over 5 years ago from , Programmer

Hi guys, I made this new service PSDfiddle.com for the quick sharing of graphics. It is like JSfiddle or Imgur, but for PSD files. I will try to quiclky explain how it works.

There is a big pile of PSDs. Each PSD has the the name like "0AOsph" and can be found at PSDfiddle.com/NAME (e.g. PSDfiddle.com/0AOsph. Anybody can add a new PSD to the pile, and the new name will be generated for it. But there are two extra features.

  1. The PSD can be viewed right in a browser at PSDfiddle.com/NAME , there is no need to download it, no need for a special software.
  2. The PSD can be edited right in a browser, and pressing SAVE will add that new PSD into a pile, and will generate and show a new name for it.

Basically, this lets you show your graphics to anybody who has a web browser just by sending them a link. You can also share the link as a template / mockup, where anybody can insert their own data and generate a PNG / JPG (still without downloading PSDs and having special software).

The names of PSDs in a pile are hard to guess, to they serve as passwords (only people with the link will ever find your PSD). What do you think guys?