• Tolga KilincTolga Kilinc, 5 years ago

    I have always wanted use the Framer but I find it very time-consuming in an agency environment. We have very tight deadlines and it is very important to have the right tool to use our time efficient. The same process takes seconds in Principle but you need to spend 10-15 minutes to get the same result in Framer. I know they are not the same but I wish Framer was more designer friendly.

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    • Diego Nunes, 5 years ago

      Same here. I love how powerful their product is and the clean and strong branding/interface. But they workflow is to slow for my use. Their audience should be teams building bigger projects that needs high fidelity prototypes.

      For us, Flinto, Principle and now InVIsion Studio, is more suitable.

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      • Matt C, 5 years ago

        That's the core problem with Framer, imo. By the time you've invested the man hours to make something useful with it you may as well have just coded the thing.

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  • Emi RozeEmi Roze, 5 years ago

    Any relevant comments on gif creation? Because this is a good tutorial, and I haven't seen many guides on making good gifs (and it's not dependant on using Framer). Screenflow looks nice but $129 is kind of expensive for personal use. I often use OBS or Giphy Capture for lack of better options. I may give Claquette a try though. Anyone have tool / technique recs? Tried these tools?

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  • Michael SiglerMichael Sigler, 5 years ago

    This is almost the exact method I've been using for GIFs. I absolutely love Screenflow and have been using it to do all manner of things without having to fire up Premiere or After Effects. Its the exact right tool for the job. Totally worth the money. The little things, like being able to hide your desktop icons during a recording, are invaluable.

    For instance - all those new Invision Studio tutorials were (probably) made with Screenflow (the recorder menu icon).

    That said I've never heard of Claquette. Seems like a great tool. I really hate opening videos up in Photoshop to export them to a GIF and like they said, Screenflow's GIF export leaves a lot to be desired.

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