Hey DN - Reminder if you're planning on buying a Craft Pro license for your Craft CMS site - do it today to avoid yearly upgrade fees

5 years ago from , Founder at Narro

Tomorrow Pixel & Tonic launches Craft 3, a huge update and massive overhaul of their current platform.

With this they're changing their license model a bit. Currently, you can purchase a Pro license for $299. With this update you can still purchase a Pro license for $299, but you will have to pay $59 per year to receive updates past the first year.

However, any licenses purchased before April 4th (Craft 3 release date) will be grandfathered into the old plan and will receive lifelong upgrades without the yearly payment.

So if you're in the middle of building a Craft CMS site, or have been on the edge about upgrading to Pro, I'd suggest doing it today rather than tomorrow.

Details about the Craft 3 launch can be found here