Have you bought a Ui kit? What was the reason behind the purchase?

almost 4 years ago from , Digital Director

Ok. So there is a ton of Ui kits out there that you either have to pay for or download for free. For you who have purchased one - what was the reason, or need?


  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 4 years ago

    I buy them to review how people are working on files, symbols and structure. I don't think I've ever used a UI kit itself within a project. They also often are inspirational, and I'll copy elements into a project to look at while building my own version.

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    • , almost 4 years ago

      Ok, interesting -If I understand you correctly – you don't have the need for specific views but you want to use the kit more like a starting point (use the most relevant components) for your own design and use the view as inspiration (more like mood boards?)

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  • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, almost 4 years ago

    I've bought two. One was landing-page focused, with components for different sections, and different layouts for each.

    I used it as inspiration and starting point for designs. it was easy to choose a "features" layout and then adapt it to my needs. The other one was more of a design library, with UI elements that I could customize through styles and nested symbols.

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  • Mihai Petrea, almost 4 years ago

    I bought two UI kits so far. The main reason was to actually speed up the process when the deadline was tight. But each UI kit was modified in terms of UI, mostly fonts and color scheme.

    When I want to buy a UI kit I'm looking to have a structure similar to my wireframes, so I can win some time. I'm not always looking for a theme orientated kit. So for example if I'm working on a food-delivery app, I might also look for a "coporate"ui kit, not only related to the business niche.

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    • , almost 4 years ago

      – Ok, so you're looking for UI kits that contain relevant components such as carusels, lists etc and tweak the style? A good Ui-kit needs to be modular and the visual design (such as the color scheme and fonts) needs to be easy to change in other words?

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  • Andrzej TAndrzej T, almost 4 years ago

    Once, I was asked to do that, for accelerate the process making an mobile app. Yeah, good idea! why not, the deadline was close. Finally I did it from beginnig, because almost nothing matched thematically to the application.

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    • , almost 4 years ago

      By thematically - do you mean that the UI didn't match the branding you were going after or that the views weren't suitable?

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  • Jon MooreJon Moore, almost 4 years ago

    My expectation with UI kits is that they will serve as a tool for me to execute my work more effectively and/or efficiently.

    Dribbble is a vast enough landscape of inspiration, so I would never buy one purely to be inspired.

    I created and sell a UI kit myself, and research/feedback from my customers suggests that people enjoy using my system to start new projects. I'm pleasantly surprised that hundreds of survey responders say that they use it every time they start a new one.

    I won't post a link unless people ask for it so I don't get killed for self-promotion, but you're welcome to review my comment history.

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