Launching the Front-End Tooling Survey 2018

over 5 years ago from , Principal UI Engineer at Just Eat

For the last few years, I've run The Front-end Tooling survey – last time out 5,254 developers took part, which is pretty incredible (including a lot of DN folk!)

I've just launched this year's edition – you can find out more information about it in this article.

If you can spare a few minutes of your time to fill it out, I would massively appreciate it – as ever, the more respondents the survey has, the more representative the results will be of our industry.

I’m aiming to run the survey for up to a month, after which I’ll write up the results and post a link to those here as well.

Thanks! Ash


  • Steven ReynoldsSteven Reynolds, over 5 years ago

    Just filled it out, thanks for gathering this data!

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  • Amazing RandoAmazing Rando, over 5 years ago

    Entered my info. Thanks for doing this.

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  • Richie KhooRichie Khoo, 5 years ago

    I started the survey but was a little surprised to find any mention of Functional CSS and functional frameworks like Tachyons and Tailwind not mentioned. Can we get those in there as well as Elm. Thx for doing this :)

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    • Ashley Watson-Nolan, 5 years ago

      Sorry for delayed reply - missed some of my notifications!

      I try and keep the options minimal and then if a tool get's enough mentions under 'Other' I break it out in the results and include it in future surveys. Elm has had a few mentions so may look to break that out as an option in future for sure :)

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  • Eduardo Tello, over 5 years ago

    Should've used TypeForms. SurveyMonkey won't scroll the page using the scroll wheel on my iMac's Chrome.

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  • Hamish TaplinHamish Taplin, over 5 years ago

    A bit of feedback: some of the options you have treated as mutually exclusive aren't—eg. Jest/Enzyme

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    • Ashley Watson-Nolan, over 5 years ago

      Will take a look at revising this in future survey's as I've had this feedback in relation to testing tools previously. Would be good to know which combinations people are using together for sure.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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