Sketch App + Functional Annotations: How are you combining these things?

almost 4 years ago from , Associate UX Director

Sketch App users, I'm curious how you are integrating functional documentation / annotations into your wireframes. Prior to Sketch, I was a heavy Axure user, often on projects requiring extensive annotations, content matrix ID's, interactivity notes, etc. Axure shines in this area because of both the Notes feature and customizable fields, but also because it can output nicely to Word.

Since Sketch doesn't really have a nice way of doing this, I've been using a few different methods: 1. Expanding my artboard width to include space for annotations that map to each major component or module, and include a numeric ID callout per item in the wireframe. Gets a little messy, requires a lot of formatting per artboard. 2. Only placing numeric callouts per component or module, and writing documentation in the JIRA ticket for that page. An easier process, but does not combine the annotations and wireframes into a single page a developer can easily use.

I briefly used Notebook Pro months ago, but found it to be buggy and not as efficient as it could be. So, that's out as an option.

Very interested to know how you are adding documentation to Sketch files, and what has worked best for you, as well as teams you're collaborating with.

Thanks in advance for your feedback