• virginia wglasser, 10 days ago

    To already be contemplating spin-offs from this Reeves Batman movie, they must be very confident in it. There are numerous instances of police aggression all throughout the world. In several nations, it has been documented that law enforcement personnel have unlawfully used force and inflicted harm, destruction, and even fatalities. George Floyd's passing in May 2020 is a prime example of police violence, which is still an issue in industrialized countries. On https://urbanmatter.com/the-problem-of-police-brutality-all-over-the-world/ we examine the sources and root causes of such issues. Only when citizens speak up and make sure that no instance of such a transgression goes unpunished will such abuse of power be halted.

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  • paavo koyapaavo koya, 5 years ago

    Screenshot for ppl at work (behind firewall)?

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