• Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, almost 4 years ago

    Agreeing with Jordan here: This is pretty awesome!

    Looking forward to keeping an eye on /r/design_critiques/ as a result.

    Two improvements that could be nice:

    1) Under the first item, "15 Best Articles on Bootstrapping", the first item has a part 1 and part 2, consequently the whole line of text isn't a link, just the "part 1" and "part 2". This would be fine if there was a clear visible difference between what text is and is not a link. White text vs light gray text is so similar.

    2) There's no visual feedback to indicate which line/item you're hovering over. There could be an underline, or just a slight background color added. Anything to confirm where your mouse is.

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  • Jordan Zeit, almost 4 years ago

    This is an awesome list

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