Say Hello to Pinocode…An offline code playground for Frontend development right in your browser

over 5 years ago from , JS developer

Pinocode is an Offline code playground for frontend development right in your browser.

It provides you a cool environment to practice front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript... With support for variants and external libraries inclusion.. For beginners and experts.

It's free too.

Lives completely in your browser. There is no network involved, so it opens and shows previews instantly, with preprocessor support plus external libraries too.

This extension provides you with an accessible environment for your lovely web experiments. Perfect for developers who want to experiment or practice in HTML/CSS/JS quickly, even without Internet connectivity.


Works offline * Supports preprocessors: HTML (jade, markdown, pug), CSS (SCSS, LESS, SASS, Atomic CSS, Stylus) & JavaScript (ES6, CoffeeScript, TypeScript) * Inbuilt Console * Save and load your creations with Auto-save * Fork any creation * Multi-monitor support with detached preview * Import & Export all creations anytime, anywhere * Configurable settings * Code autocompletion * Very easily accessible. Simply open a new tab in Chrome! (configurable setting). * Multiple layouts with saved collapsed states * Save as HTML file * Edit in CodePen * Preview screenshot capture *as-you-type code linter/hinter for CSS, HTML and JS *CSS auto-prefixer *code tidy for CSS, HTML and JS *keyboard-shortcuts *support for unlimited external libraries

Visit http://pinocode.io to install on your PC, MAC or Laptop

Let's create!

For Help & Support Twitter - @pinocode

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