• Devin FountainDevin Fountain, 5 years ago

    When I'm not traveling:

    • Gum (I have horrible breath)

    • iPad Pro w/ Pencil

    • iPhone charging cube

    • Anker powerbank w/ micro USB and Thunderbolt cables

    • Nintendo Switch

    • Audiotechnica ATH-M50X

    • Pencil + Pen + Notebook

    • Water Bottle

    • Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood parfum

    • Sunglasses

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  • Simon Vreeman, 5 years ago

    List of gear that I pack in my bag

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  • Mick NMick N, 5 years ago

    When I'm remote working:

    • Uni Pin Fine Liners in 0.05, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08—these are excellent for sketching, plotting out UI elements, inking drawings and note taking.

    • Uni Kuru Toga 0.5 mechanical pencil—love the way this works to always keep a sharp edge, something I enjoy having when laying down initial sketches

    • Pentel Clic Eraser pen—super handy for removing sketch & plotting marks

    • Alvin Stainless Steel Erasing Shield—super thin & light, works really well with the eraser pen to get super clean lines (great for working on fonts etc…)

    • Kuretake travel watercolour set & water brush—brilliant for accenting UI sketches, enhancing notes or just doing some quick inspired sketches

    • Notebooks—I'm a self-confessed notebook junkie so I've usually got 2 or 3 notebooks on me at one time. Mainly a Muji A5 dot grid notebook, an unruled moleskine, and a handmade leather-bound pocket book I picket up in Thailand for 100฿

    • Premax left-handed scissors—for left-handed cutting of things

    • A bunch of Velcro straps I grabbed for cheap from Aliexpress that are great for organising the myriad of cables I usually need

    • Dell XPS 15 — love this bad-boy, keeps on rocking but hoping to upgrade to a Surface Pro in the new year

    • Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small—love this thing, but a Surface Pro should help optimise my bag and this will no longer be needed

    • An old Gama-Go Large messenger bag—I just love the sturdy straps on this, large main pocket and a bunch of other pouches & sleeves for organising. Such a shame they don't make these any more.

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  • Antek GrzankaAntek Grzanka, 5 years ago

    In my Mission Workshop Fitzroy backpack: - MacBook Pro 15 - Magic Mouse 2 (tried mx master 2s but after 2 weeks returned to good ol' MM) - Sony 1000X - Firefly 2 - Mophie Powerstation Plus - Eyedrops - Cables

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  • Axel ValdezAxel Valdez, 5 years ago
    • Macbook Pro
    • iPad Pro + Pencil
    • Mini notebook
    • Mechanical pencil
    • Uniball pen
    • A japanese refillable brush pen (can't remember the brand)
    • Earpods
    • Cloth for eyeglasses
    • E-juice
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  • Ivan C.Ivan C., 5 years ago

    Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple... jk

    • Macbook
    • Notebook + Pen
    • Water Bottle
    • Umbrella
    • Anker charger
    • Earphones
    • Sunglasses
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  • iterati designiterati design, 5 years ago
    • Macbook + charger
    • Water bottle
    • Gum
    • Pills
    • Earphones (if I'm not wearing them)
    • Passport
    • Credit Cards

    That's a great post, makes me think I don't need passport and cards now, I'll drop them off at home :)

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  • Michael Estok, 5 years ago
    • iPad Pro and Pencil
    • Macbook Pro 15"
    • Magic Mouse
    • Beats X headphones
    • USB to lightening/hdmi/power
    • A bunch of Sharpies
    • Sticky notes
    • Copic markers (all gray tones)
    • Some radom color flair markers
    • 1 or 2 whiteboard markers (clients often has old ones)
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Grid-It to hold things
    • Rhodia dot pad
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  • Robin BierensRobin Bierens, 5 years ago

    Nothing, i leave everything at the office.

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  • Chase ThompsonChase Thompson, 5 years ago

    I have an ogio backpack I got from my company that is surprisingly huge, so I probably carry too much stuff around:

    • Macbook pro 15 inch and charger

    • B&W P7 headphones

    • some fields notes books and 3-4 different pens

    • Magic mouse

    • grid-it organizer with various usb and lightning cables, hdmi to thunderbolt dongle. flash drive

    • Mini pharmacy type pocket with advil, allergy pills, small first aid kit, floss, lotion, chapstick, etc.

    • Sunglasses

    • I usually carry an anker 20000 mah battery thing that weighs a billion pounds, but it can charge my phone like 10 times in one charge.

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  • Thom StoodleyThom Stoodley, 5 years ago


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  • Nathaniel PeralesNathaniel Perales, 5 years ago
    • Space Grey MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15” in an incase case
    • AirPods
    • Mamiya 6
    • 1 or 2 extra rolls of film
    • 2tb seagate hard drive
    • Panobook
    • Pen
    • Macbook Pro charger that takes up significantly more room than the previous version
    • Anker Charger
    • Lightning cables, usb-c adapters & headphones just in case my AirPods run out of battery or it’s too loud in the coffee shop
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  • brian andrichbrian andrich, 5 years ago
    • Macbook Pro
    • Lightning-to-USB cable
    • AirPods
    • Spare iPhone
    • Sunglasses
    • Screen cleaning cloth
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