ReactSymbols UI Kit 1.1

over 5 years ago from , Front-End Developer

Hey guys, ReactSymbols is modern ReactJS UI library full of pixel-perfect components and I just want to show you what's new in our latest release.

SASS build

Since now you are able to change colour of all your elements by changing only one line of code. And of course, we are giving you SASS files for all components. Which makes this package even more powerful and faster for prototyping or building complex web apps than ever before.

Typescript support

We have been getting many requests since the first version about Typescript, so here you go! Typescript is now ready as well! This version comes with support of autocompletion, component auto-import and with all other features of Typescript.

Local NPM module support

From now on you don’t have to use complicated and long paths to locate the folder with ReactSymbols, simply define your NPM module as reactsymbols-kit and start creating.

Fixes for few UI issues and other UI enhancements

Strong focus on details and pixel perfection is important for us and therefore we have rewritten the RSSwitch component from scratch and fixed a few other issues for form elements like RSCheckbox and RSRadio. And we changed even more of the core structure of the package itself as well.


So check our documentation for all the details, since the 1.0 we also added step-by-step tutorial for easy and fast upgrade to the latest version. And of course the full demo is waiting for you with all the new features we just mentioned!

Check all the features


Thank you and have a great Christmas!