Ask DN: Examples of designers thinking ahead?

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About a decade ago skeuomorphism was the major design trend. Then with iOS 7, flat and minimal became the major design trend.

Are there examples of designers pushing ahead and trying things that might set the broader trend in the future?


  • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, almost 6 years ago

    Information design and design systems are the big hot thing in the future, which means very modular designs, atomic design ideas, component design; a lot of LEGO-like, "robotic" designs will appear next year, based on Material design and Bootstrap.

    Past that (2019+), I think people will be fed up with things feeling too LEGO and want the "humanity" and plain fun that skeuomorphic design gave us in the past, and people will want to make things that feel more organic, less robotic, and personality-filled, but still retain the component-structure of component design, but want to see app screens and sites with more personality. Sites will definitely also be more "fun" with animations and clip paths and playful uses of grids, taking us back to what made Flash sites so popular.

    Past that, the internet will implode and we'll be living in a post-industrial, post-apocalyptic hellscape so design won't even matter.

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  • Joel Cook, almost 6 years ago

    Personally, I think the designers working in the AR/VR space are pioneering those industries now that those platforms are becoming more available to the common consumer.

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