• Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, 5 years ago

    You lost me at "...for that Designer Lifestyle :D "

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    • Joseph Newell, 5 years ago

      Username checks out

      However, I do have to echo that sentiment. It seems from that title that I'm just going to be buying into a stereotype and that makes me want to avoid the link.

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  • Siyan RenSiyan Ren, 5 years ago

    Why we still need another clothing brand based on script font with a full arm tattooed guy as the model?

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  • Mirka BielMirka Biel, 5 years ago

    Fingers crossed Dusko! :)

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  • Charity De La CruzCharity De La Cruz, 5 years ago

    I find this lifestyle...underwhelming right now. Maybe I'll wait for more product releases.

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