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Hello fellow Designers

I'm currently a Design student and I'm almost done finishing my degree. My degree is in Graphic Design but specialized in Interactive Design. This mostly means that I have the skills of a web designer and very junior skills as a front-end coder. If all goes according to plan, I should be finishing my Portfolio review class by mid December.

I've been working hard at it for the past couple of semesters. I set up a temporary page with 5 projects. There's a 6th project coming soon. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback on it.

Temp Portfolio Projects Site

Below are the links for the five projects:

Webstock - Design Conference

Lima, Peru - Travel Site

Mode - Apparel/Ecommerce

Christner's Restaurant

Captain Quinn's - Local Business

Again, any feedback or advice would be extremely appreciated.


  • Phil K.-T.Phil K.-T., over 5 years ago

    Here's my feedback:

    Honestly, it needs a lot of work. When I first land on your site it feels like another Bootstrap website, with the same default navbar, fonts, and link styling.

    Also you just put your projects straight up, but I don't see your name or what you do anywhere on the site, which should be the first thing I read. Otherwise I don't really have context of what these projects are and what you did on them, did you design them? Code them? Were you the researcher for them? Putting the job title you consider yourself or are seeking gives me a much better idea of what you do and did on these projects.

    Another thing, for the projects you link to the "live" work, but it's really the web page mirrored on your site. That doesn't give me the sense that this project was deployed anywhere, and also I don't get any insight into the project. Why was it made? What were the design decisions that led to this interface? These are the type of questions that I'm thinking as I look at your portfolio and I'm not seeing any of the answers here.

    Finally, if you're a graphic designer you should definitely be infusing your own style into your site. This is your little slice of the web, own it! Don't just use the default Bootstrap styles, otherwise it will just be another forgettable site.

    Another thing, I know those headings and descriptions are aligned with a grid to the photos, but visually it feels like they are not. You should take into consideration visual balance versus actual balance. Here's a good read on that.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Clarence JohnsonClarence Johnson, over 5 years ago

    Hi Jay. Right off the bat, your website is lacking personal branding and uniqueness. I would customize your portfolio to give it some personal flair. Right now it looks like you're using a stock theme. For starters, I'd put your name in the header to let visitors know that they're looking at your portfolio.

    You're specializing in Interactive Design so maybe show that by making it so when a visitor's mouse hovers over a project's thumbnail, some cool animation happens. Also, as a UX note, when I wanted to view a website/project you worked on, my first instinct was to click on the project thumbnail as opposed to the text beneath it. Maybe make both the image and title link to the project?

    On the projects themselves, you should have some sort of description that explains what the project was for, what were some issues you encountered and how did you fix them with your design decisions. Basically let the visitor see how you think.

    Are the websites you design mobile friendly? If so, you should figure out a way to show that (maybe make a simple mockup on an iPhone).

    I know working on a portfolio can be very time consuming and tough but you want to make sure it's the best it can be so that when you're looking for a job or a new client, you're showing them all you got! I would encourage you to take a look at other web designer's portfolios and see how they do theirs and go from there.

    Good luck with your portfolio review class!

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  • Jay Morris, over 5 years ago

    Hey! I think its cool that you actually started working on your portfolio site. A lot of people dont even make it that far. kudos to you for that.

    1) Add some personal branding 2) Add your personality to it 3) Case studies are cool but not mandatory 4) Make note of what you did on each project 5) Have fun with it. Enjoy the process 6) Heres an example of a site with personality http://rog.ie/

    Good luck!

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    You're doing it all bass-ackwards. It's all about the work examples inside the portfolio... not the portfolio itself. In less than 2 minutes I found enough issues with basic design fundamentals in 3 of your projects that I completely bailed. If you were applying to a job out of school, I would have passed on you.

    You are only as good as the work you do. Forget 6 examples. Pick 3 and refine the shit out of them so they are air-tight. Quality trumps quantity every time. Nail down the initial set and THEN scale it out. Don't get distracted with the portfolio... use a template for now. Nail the important stuff.

    For the work that you show, I highly recommend looking at other sites as inspiration and as a guide for what core elements should be incorporated into your designs (ex: clothing should have a product description, sizing chart, etc).

    PM me on the side and I'll be happy to offer advice if you want it!

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  • Mike Wilner, over 5 years ago

    Another piece of feedback. While seeing the portfolio site is nice, getting more insight to the creative process would help lure in potential clients. Here's a post I love from Lauren Holliday about writing case studies that win clients: https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/how-to-write-case-study/

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  • Tom ReinertTom Reinert, over 5 years ago

    I would go and write a detailed case-study about your favorite project. Include your process, early sketches, problems you came across and how you solved them, what you learned and what the result is.

    This will be way more interesting then showing a couple of finished works.

    This case study is now your content which you can use a a foundation to design and built your site.

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  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, over 5 years ago

    Pretty much what's been said before, but the landing page just looks like it's the standard Bootstrap theme. Was this what you wanted people to review or was it just a means to link the 5 projects you listed? Because the projects themselves look pretty good, but your "portfolio" website needs a lot of work (and before I give feedback, I'd want to know where your head's at first).

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    • Jay Cruz, over 5 years ago

      It was just a means to link to the 5 projects. I proper Portfolio page with an about section, contact me section, and pages with descriptions for each project is currently in progress.

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      • Richard SisonRichard Sison, over 5 years ago

        Oh ok, well I'm happy to provide feedback on the actual portfolio once that's fleshed out a bit more (or even if you had specific questions). Just right now I'm not sure what context to provide any feedback around…

        Like I said, the examples of work are pretty good though they're just links to the projects (from what I gathered?) and not case studies/explanations on what you did, what your process was etc.

        Awesome that you're making a start though. It's a tough road and the start is definitely the hardest… I just finished my portfolio somewhat recently and I remember that it took me a VERY long time to get the ball rolling.

        My advice is to give yourself some limitations/constraints (i.e. time, technology, tools, goals) and outline the best steps to get there given those limitations. Treat yourself as a client as much as you can (it's harder than it sounds…)

        But most of all, good luck!

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  • Nicholas BurroughsNicholas Burroughs, over 5 years ago

    If I click on one of those images, it should take me to the project.

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