• Joe Crupi, almost 6 years ago

    I kinda feel this test was a bit flawed given the lack of context for the nav. For example:

    a) I had no intention of clicking the Request Demo button because I knew nothing of the product

    b) I couldn't evaluate the categorisation of the nav items because I couldn't see any other content

    I actually spent the most time trying to figure out which nav item had a menu behind it - this was because there was no indication which items had a drop down vs the ones that didn't.

    Also what's the difference between Free trial and Request demo?

    Also the scrolling within the frames was a real distraction.

    When usability testing, it really helps to give the test participant a goal or objective.

    The copy at the top (which I doubt many people would have read) simply stated: "Please get a feel for both navigations by playing around with both prototypes"

    This really isn't helpful in instructing the user on what they are supposed to do.

    Also, your survey didn't allow me to to select 'Neither' in any of the Navigation A vs B questions - be careful with the results you get here - it might not be telling the whole story (hence why I replied here and not through the form).

    Not shitting on your designs at all - just highlighting that you may want to think about how you've conducted this survey and the potential of the results being misleading.


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  • Matt Fulton, almost 6 years ago

    Left some feedback in the form but I'm a bit curious what others think — specifically, I haven't seen the Request Demo/Free Trial dual-CTA much elsewhere, and would worry that having two conversion options like that would reduce overall conversion. I would think it could result in bouncing due to decision-overhead, now having to weigh the pros/cons of demo vs free trial (Should I blow the trial now or do a demo and preserve it? Is it worth getting sold to on a demo, and the 28 follow-up emails? Maybe I should just try it...). This gives visitors time to reconsider, making it harder to capitalize on a flighty "I'd like to give this a quick try".

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